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about the company

Physical passion is a fitness apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in the Netherlands.

Founded in 2020 by Dyanna Neiva.

Physicalpassion wants to bring more than just clothes, we want a concept that makes woman feel powerful, bold, secure, sexy when they wear our brand. I believe that the right clothes can give these feelings.
be different
be your self
and be okay with that

our mission

Life is Good: To spread the power of confidence.

our vision

Be an example of representation for all fitness women.

the founder story

Dyanna Neiva – Founder of Physicalpassion

‘Fitness actually saved my life – Dyanna (Physicalpassion)

How fitness changed her life, HER backstory

Dyanna grew up in Brazil and moved to the Netherlands when she was 18-years-old to reunite with her mother. While in Brazil, she as many teenagers sometimes went through hard times. After a specific turn of events in her life, she hit rock bottom for a while. This period was a hard time in her life, and due to the emotional distress, she lost a lot of weight and dropped to the weight of 45 kilo’s.

When she came to the Netherlands, to reunite with her mother, she had no friends here, she didn’t speak Dutch or English and felt alone.

Her loving mother made a plan for her daughter to help her build her mental and physical health and bought her a 1-year-gym-subscription. This was the best gift that she could ever receive at that moment. Not only did she had the opportunity to meet new people, but she also discovered the healing process of working out and the positive effects it had on her body.

Dyanna: Fitness actually saved my life. I found a new passion and started competing for a 3 year period as an IFBB figure pro! I really found the healing power of going to fitness and made it my passion. Now I am a fitness instructor.

The healing powers of going to the fitness

With LoveDyanna Neiva

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